Friday, January 30, 2009

The Score-Off Challenge #15

Remember The Score-Off Challenge? You know, that unstoppable artistic expression of blood sweat and tears wrenched from the souls of your humble narrator and compositional contributors? It’s that ingenious conceptual enigma of three working components that can only be compared to say, the nuts, caramel and nougat of a Salted Nut Roll©.

Well, we are now in the throws of another round. In round number 15, we are summoned yet again by that ham-fisted cigar chomping producer Earl L. Luckes Jr. Our mission: To come up with a theme to “The 13th Promise of Death”. Did we succeed? One will never know if one doesn’t comment. Don’t be afraid of the comment box. We can take criticisms. What good are egos if they can’t be bruised?

And while you’re there, why not take shots at any one of these fine Score-Off Classics:

-Hitler’s Killer 6
-The House That Hell Birthed
-God’s Home Movies
-Diaper Bag
-Day Of The Vagrant
-The Adventures Of Adam Quest
-In A World…
-The Homesteaders
-Somebody’s At The Door
-The Application
-The Mascot
-The Assassin’s Game
-Candy’s Sticky Cotton

Take your time and enjoy these gems, and remember, without film music, we’d all be dead.