Saturday, May 15, 2010

Up To Speed

Not a whole heck of a lot going on. Just a few music things of note:

Still working with Jared & the guys on Possible Oscar stuff. We are finishing up an album for Convergence 2010 which will consist of songs we did for the FuMP and a few fillers. It's been 4 years since our last one so we decided to wrangle up all the loose songs we had out there, package them up in an album, put them behind us and start working on a NEW record with a lot more new original material.

I also have been working with Chris Waffle from Hot Waffles on a super secret project that is really exercising the creative songwriting muscles. Since he lives in California, we've been collaborating via email so things seem to take a bit longer to create, but hopefully in the end it will all be worth it.

I have been taking a lot of my old Score-Off Challenge songs and adding video to them. Mostly old exploitation trailers. I made a single web page with all of them just as a visual resume if I ever come across someone who would want to use me. I titled it, "John Mapes-Composer". Just so you know, the "Composer" is to be taken lightly. Once I figure out how to read and write notation and actually get PAID for anything I have done, then maybe I could use the word "composer".

It's amazing how tough it is for me to get any motivation to SELL anything I have recorded. I find it so much easier to just put it out there for people. If they like it, they can have it. I haven't really gotten to the point yet where I feel I need to charge for my music. Maybe once I pay for professional studio time I will consider it, but for now, I'd rather just keep making fun songs. It helps keep the gears greased and gets me more in tune with some of the recording software I use.

Here is my latest which was made up in an afternoon. I started with just a simple progression and kept adding layers. Sometimes that works out, sometimes not.

Also, I am STILL working on the Sesame Street Covers EP and the Gli Scassinatori Experiment EP. Hopefully I get those done sometime in 2010 AC(after Chilton).

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